3rd City Quizzer’s Collective (3CQC) is a community for the convenience of folks living in Hitec City or thereabouts in Hyderabad – we’re calling this the 3rd City! Folks from all over the world are welcome to join us for monthly quizzes.

Our prime objective is to have have regular (read monthly) quiz meets in the 3rd City (Hitec City Hyderabad) area.

Format is a 25 to 30 question quiz hosted by any member, ideally decided in the previous meet.

Participants are divided into teams of two or three.

Civility is the only hard requirement. We’re a collective and not for profit so there’s no bosses or minions here!

To sweeten the pot, we can maintain running scores for all participants to enable league style comparisons

Our Facebook group can be used can be used to share quizzes, host discussions among members, and announce any upcoming events.

Anyone who hosts a quiz is required to share the quiz freely after the event. We’d prefer Google Slides but can also maintain some PPTx files as needed.

Please be mindful of the IP dimension; QMs are responsible to ensure we cross no lines around licensing and copyrights and the collective bears no responsibility.